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3/17/24 - 3:52 PM MDT











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3/12/23 - Afternoon

Today's conference title games are over, and the URPI numbers are now final for the season.


3/11/23 - Late Night

The schedules for all 32 conferences and 363/361 teams have been verified. The URPI numbers will be crunched one last time tomorrow afternoon after all the conference championship games are over.



A 1064 syntax error on the main URPI pages (the ones that rank all the teams on one page) has now been fixed. A MySQL update apparently turned an important word into a reserved word, so I had to add backticks.



The Utah Tech and Houston Christian banners are now complete, as well.



The banners for the five new DI schools are now finished & uploaded. I will create & post the two name-change banners (Utah Tech, Houston Christian) tomorrow.



All of the schedules are finished aside from some women's non-conference tournament stuff (e.g., the "TBD" games). Scores will start going in tonight. I believe today has more DI basketball games than any other day of the season.



For the first time in 3 years, I am putting in schedules ahead of time rather than just after the games are played. There were virtually no COVID cancellations during the second half of last season, so I don't think I need to worry about having to delete a bunch of game entries after the fact. I also had to add 7 new school entries to the database. First, there are 5 schools that just moved up from DII: Lindenwood, Stonehill, Texas A&M-Commerce, Southern Indiana, and Queens University (not to be confused with Queens College in Queens, NY). Two schools also changed their names—Dixie St. is now Utah Tech, and Houston Baptist is now Houston Christian—so I had to create new entries for them. I hope to finish the new banners for all of these schools around the beginning of the regular season.