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Scores Updated
3/14/21 - 5:12 PM MDT











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3/14/21 - Evening

The women's scores & URPI numbers are now final, as well.


3/14/21 - Afternoon

All men's scores are in and finalized for the season. The women's Missouri Valley Championship Game is still going on, so there will be one more update in the evening.


3/13/21 - Night

All men's and women's schedules have now been verified, so all that's left is to put in the scores for tomorrow's conference championship games and crunch the numbers one last time.



The 2020-21 college basketball season begins tomorrow. Whether it will finish is anyone's guess, but I will be putting in the scores and crunching the numbers (once per day, as usual) as long as the regular season still has life. However, because of the rather fluid nature of college-athletics scheduling right now, I will not be putting any schedules in ahead of time—only completed games will be listed for this season. In addition, I added the four new DI teams (Bellarmine, UC San Diego, Dixie State, Tarleton State) to the database and created their banners yesterday.