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3/12/23 - 3:49 PM MDT











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3/16/15 - Early Morning

The women's schedules are now verified, as well.


3/15/15 - Mid-Afternoon

All scores have been entered and the schedules for every men's team have been verified just in time for the NCAA Tournament Selection Show. I will continue to verify women's schedules throughout the day/night and, if any errors are corrected, I will recrunch the URPI numbers sometime late tonight.



I've started putting conference tournament games into the schedules. More will be added as regular seasons conclude.



I've added some new ads throughout the site. I hope these won't be too intrusive.



The schedules are now finished. Scores start going in Friday.



It's November, and that means the unbiased-rpi website officially considers now to be the 2014-15 college basketball season. Around 85% of the men's & women's schedules are finished and, since this year starts nearly a week later than last year, I should easily have them finished before the first countable games tip off next Friday. There were no new conferences and no lower division teams moving up to Division I this season, so there were unfortunately no new colorful banners to add.

As always, don't hesitate to use the "Contact Form" page on the right if you see any errors on the schedules. This is especially important for games that have already been played because those errors actually affect the URPI numbers. Thanks!