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3/17/24 - 3:52 PM MDT











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As everyone is surely aware, all remaining conference tournament games and all seven national postseason tournaments (NCAAM, NIT, CBI, CIT, NCAAW, WNIT, WBI) have been cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak. I had verified (double-checked) the majority of the games/schedules prior to this, but finishing the verification process now seems pointless considering the large time investment. I did add in the scores for the three women's games that were completed today before the cancellations (2 MEAC, 1 MAAC). I also crunched the URPI numbers one last time, so they are now final for the season.



I finally got around to making the banner for Merrimack. I also made the new banner for Long Island, which replaces their old banner to reflect their (radically) different new color scheme.



The women's schedules are now finished, as well, and the scores for the opening-night games have already been put in.



The men's schedules are finished. Now onto the women's…



I've finally started putting 2019-20 schedules in. I'm hoping the process will go faster this time since I'm using a national composite schedule this time rather than the conference ones. I also have to create 2 new banners for this season: Merrimack, who just moved up to DI, and Long Island, because the LIU-Brooklyn merger with LIU-Post caused them to adopt a whole new mascot (the Sharks) and color scheme. I'll let you all know when those are done.