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3/17/24 - 3:52 PM MDT











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3/17/19 - Night

The women's schedules are now verified, as well. It turns out I was missing Old Dominion's non-conference win over Longwood from March 4th., so that's now in there.


3/17/19 - Afternoon

The final scores are in, and all of the men's schedules have been completely verified. I still have to verify a few women's conferences, so I'll crunch the numbers one more time tonight if necessary.



I finally completed the banners for North Alabama, Cal Baptist, and Purdue Fort Wayne, so go ahead and check them out.



The schedules are now finished. While putting them in, I noticed the Conference-USA men are doing some sort of floating schedule over the last 3 weeks of the regular season that's apparently designed to help their bubble teams' resumés. That's why there's nothing listed for any CUSA men's team after 2/16. Also… I haven't had time to do the new banners yet, so I hope to get those done tomorrow.



Apparently Indiana & Purdue split their partnership on IPFW and the Purdue side of it inherited the entire athletics department. The school is now known as "Purdue Fort Wayne" and I've added a separate entry for them in the database. That way the IPFW name & banner can still be intact for prior seasons. I'll add Purdue Fort Wayne's banner soon along with Cal Baptist's & North Alabama's.



This season's schedules have started going in. For those that aren't aware, the NCAA moved up the start of the season from Friday to Tuesday. That means countable games will start November 6th. instead of November 9th. There are also two new Division I teams, Cal Baptist & North Alabama. I've already added them to the database, and I'll get their banners done sometime before the season starts.