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3/17/24 - 3:52 PM MDT











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3/14/16 - Early Afternoon

The women's schedules are now verified, as well, and the numbers have been rerun one last time. Everything should be 100% correct.


3/13/16 - Afternoon

The final championship game scores are in, all errors on the men's side have been fixed, and the numbers have just been crunched. I've had to correct a lot more errors than in past years, largely because ESPN's new scoreboard system is much more glitch-prone than the old one. I will continue to verify the women's schedules and I'll rerun the numbers again tonight/tomorrow morning if I find errors. I won't change the date stamp on the right to reflect that since there aren't new scores, but I will post another update here.



I began putting conference tournaments on the team schedules tonight. The rest of the tournaments will be added as those conferences' regular seasons conclude.



I finally got the banner done for Texas-Rio Grande Valley. I needed to find a new method of creating banners because my old method used Appleworks and the old Power Mac G5 with Appleworks stopped working several months ago (Appleworks doesn't work on Mac OS 10.7 or later). Instead of trying to emulate, I decided to try something new using Apple Pages. If you want to check out the new design, head to either one of UTRGV's pages now. I will probably replace all of the old banners with the new design sometime during the offseason.



The schedules are now finished, and just in the nick of time.



Since it's now October, I've started putting in the schedules for the 2015-16 season. There actually is a new team this year… sort of. The University of Texas-Pan American apparently merged with the University of Texas-Brownsville to become the new University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Texas-Rio Grande Valley, though they're now called the Vaqueros instead of the Broncs, essentially retains all of UTPA's athletic affiliations & personnel (including their membership in the WAC). Because of the new name & slightly different color scheme, however, this site will consider UTRGV to be separate from UTPA and UTPA will be listed in the Graveyard for 2015-16 and beyond. UTRGV will get a new colorful banner sometime before the season starts on November 13th.

As always, don't hesitate to use the "Contact Form" page on the right if you see any errors on the schedules. This is especially important for games that have already been played because those errors actually affect the URPI numbers. Thanks!