3/17/13 - Late Night

The women's schedules are verified, appropriate corrections have been made, and the URPI numbers have been
calculated one final time.


3/17/13 - Evening

Today's women's scores are entered & the URPI numbers have been crunched to reflect that. I will continue verifying
the women's schedules & re-crunch late tonight if any fixes were needed.


3/17/13 - Afternoon

All the men's scores have been plugged in, the men's URPI numbers are final, and all of the men's basketball schedules
are double-checked & verified. Women's upcoming tonight.



The first conference regular seasons came to an end yesterday, so I put in the conference tournament matchups for
those leagues last night. Other conference tournaments will be added as their regular seasons finish.



The BracketBuster matchups are now set.



SoS numbers have now been added to the conference pages.



I put the opening day scores and crunched the first URPI ratings of the year last night. The rankings are obviously
meaningless at this point in the season, but it's nice to see the actually decipherable mathematics that occur when
no-one has played more than 1 game. Because of that, I was able to notice that the code was dividing Margin of
Victory by total number of games on the schedule rather than just by the number of games played for each individual
team. That has now been fixed. I don't think there would have been any quick way to realize that once every team
had played multiple games.



All schools are now placed in their correct, 2012-13 conferences.



The men's & women's schedules are now complete and fully entered.



Northern Kentucky's banner has been created and can be seen on their team page.



The new Division I team — the Northern Kentucky Norse — has been added to the database. I will create their banner
later when I put in the Atlantic Sun schedules.



Schedules are starting to go in. I plan on having them done no later than the Sunday before the season starts (11/4).