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3/13/22 - 3:46 PM MDT











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Sunday's scores are in, so the URPI numbers are final for the season.



All of the schedules/scores/etc. have been verified, so all that's left is to add the scores from Sunday's games.



Apparently, as per NCAA policy, COVID forfeits only count toward conference records and NOT overall records. Because of this, I have removed all of this season's COVID forfeits from the schedules.



The St. Thomas banner is now finished and uploaded.



The new season starts tomorrow. I elected not to put the team schedules up ahead of time again this season in case COVID outbreaks happen to cancel a bunch of games. There haven't been many cancellations in the college football season thus far, but basketball teams are smaller and tend to be more tight-knit, so it would take less of an outbreak to derail a team. There's also one new DI team this year: St. Thomas in the Twin Cities. The Tommies apparently moved up from DIII because they were kicked out of the MIAC for being too good at football. I don't know if any other DI school can really claim that kind of backstory. Anyway… I haven't made up their banner quite yet, so expect to see that within the next week or two.